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Benefits of cooperation

All formal aspects
are our responsibility

One invoice
per month

You focus on the business and not on recruiting employees

Selection and technical verification
is our responsibility

Lowering costs

Risk reduction

Speed of operation

Cooperation models

Contracting IT

Contracting is a flexible form of cooperation where we find an appropriate employee for you to meet the needs of your company. At the same time, you do not have to worry about their employment and monthly settlements – we will take care of everything.

Our contractor include programmers, testers, project managers, analysts and administrators. If you plan a project but you are uncertain if you will still need the personnel you hired for tat project after it ends, contracting is one of the best possible options making it possible options making it possible to reduce risk on your part.

IT contracting services provided by Dynaminds are based on high quality databases and extensive searches for new Candidates. This allows us to deliver the best matched Cadre on the market.

Łukasz Olechnowicz
Dynaminds Management Board President

On – going recruitments

TaaS is a special form of contracting. On our side is to find the whole team capable of accomplishing your projects. In a short time we will be organizing a team of team leader, programmers, testers, analyst and project manager.

This form of cooperation allows you to significantly reduce the risk and time needed to build a team. As part of the cooperation, we can also provide soft and specialized training that will allow you to better prepare your team for your tasks.

Responding to the recruitment of entire ICT teams, we guarantee that our Clients will be able to launch even the most demanding IT projects in a short time.

Łukasz Olechnowicz
President of the Management Board Dynaminds

ICT services

We have a wide range of specialists with whom we can support you in your IT projects.

We have extensive experience in supporting our clients in such projects as, for example, pre-deployment analysis of ICT systems, implementation of individual modules within projects or advice on ICT implementation.

Our team has many years of experience in IT systems implementation, ICT analysis and customer solutions. This allows us to support our customers in their daily needs.

Łukasz Olechnowicz
President of the Management Board Dynaminds


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